Angela Moll



I am obsessed by marks. I am fascinated by the power of calligraphy as a personal mark, the trace of the individual gesture holding the movement and energy of the hand. The Calligraphy series springs from the realization that my movements, my gestures and the energy flow through my body are similar throughout many of my expressive activities. When I sign my name, when I cut the fabric to make a quilt, or when I dance, my mind traces a graphic line and my body controls its speed, its flow, and its assertiveness. The difference is one of scale.


Calligraphy 17:

Angela Moll
44" h x 31" w


The works in this series zoom in on the flow of a longhand scribble and crop a specific gesture, focusing its energy in a terse statement. At times the line is strongly directional and sharp, other times the forms turn around each other. I use color — vibrant, primary — to expand the gesture, to raise its volume. I repeat and repeat: the calligraphic brush mark on the painted fabric, the calligraphic cutter mark during the construction, the calligraphic needle mark when quilting. Direct, deliberate, obsessive work is both the hallmark of fiber techniques and of calligraphy. I bring both to bear upon these pieces, tempered by the expressionistic drive of my brushwork.

Calligraphy 1:

Angela Moll
32"  h x 54" w
Calligraphy 7:

Angela Moll
27" h x 46" w
Calligraphy 8:

Angela Moll
29" h x 41" w
Calligraphy 22:

Angela Moll
34" h x 34" w

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